Principais notícias sobre China publicadas na imprensa brasileira e internacional.

A expansão de investimento chinês no mundo e um potencial conflito comercial entre EUA e China, na Presidência de Donald Trump, abrem oportunidades para a América Latina e, em especial, o Brasil. Mas o país deve se preocupar em gerenciar e monitorar a fome chinesa para que ela sirva, também, ao interesse brasileiro.

A avaliação é de Evan Medeiros, que assessorou o presidente Barack Obama por seis anos sobre Ásia-Pacífico até junho do ano passado e hoje integra o Eurasia Group.

"As razões para o investimento chinês na América Latina são mais econômicas que políticas, mas...

Nikkei Asian Review

LONDON -- Donald Trump's stunning victory in the US presidential election has shaken the world. From Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's conspicuous silence to French President Francois Hollande's statement that it opens up a "period of uncertainty" to the Kremlin's barely concealed giddiness, Trump has not been received internationally like past US presidents. But one country has remained largely unmoved: China.

Trump's stance on China is well known: he has blamed the country for everything from hacks on his opponent (thought by the US government to be the work of Russia) to climate change (which he has called a hoax cooked up by China to undermine US competitiveness). And...

The Wall Street Journal

BEIJING—China plans to clamp tighter controls on Chinese companies seeking to invest overseas, in an effort to slow a surge in capital fleeing offshore, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The State Council, China's cabinet, is set to announce soon a series of measures that would subject many overseas deals to stricter regulatory oversight, the people said.

According to the pending measures, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, China'sCommerce Ministry and the top economic planning agency are to impose "strict controls" over "extra-large" foreign acquisitions valued at $10 billion or more per...

By Doug Young

(Beijing) — Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. will open a next-generation R&D center in Tokyo that will focus on collaborative applications-related development with local partners.
The move is seen as part of a broader shift from the telecom giant's traditional networking equipment to a newer focus on consumer devices like smartphones. It also comes as Huawei tries to play a bigger part in development of the world's next-generation 5G wireless technology.
The new Tokyo facility will be Huawei's fourth so-called X Lab globally, complementing existing ones in Germany and its home China market, a spokesman said. Unlike the company's 16 other global R&D centers, the newer X Labs are...

China Daily

More than 5.7 million rural Chinese have returned from cities to their hometowns to startup businesses, Vice Minister of Agriculture Chen Xiaohua said Thursday.

Among them, 4.5 million people are rural migrant workers who used to work in urban areas away from home, while the rest are mainly fresh graduates and retired soldiers who left home for education or service, Chen said at a press briefing.

Meanwhile, rural China has attracted 1.3 million urban people, including scientists and technicians, from their homes in cities to participate in rural entrepreneurship, Chen said.

The data was released after the government released a set of guidelines earlier this week encouraging people to...




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